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What is a virtual balloon race?

Virtual is another word for artificial or not real.

But in our virtual balloon race, everything is real except the balloon. Real launch locations, real weather data and real maps. Our complex mathematical algorithms mean that the virtual balloon mimics exactly what a real latex balloon would do without potentially killing a bird or animal in the process. A virtual balloon race from allows you to can change the shape of your balloon, thickness of the rubber and the amount of helium prior to the launch at any time. These parameters affect how high and how fast your balloon travels - and, of course, how vulnerable to bursting your virtual balloon is too! The availability of these thoughtful choices means that the Gambling Commission consider a game of skill and not chance. Your charity, school or organisation therefore does not need an expensive Gambling Licence.


100% Eco-Friendly

So besides the amazing fund raising aspects, the other main reason to run a virtual balloon race is that there is an extremely low environmental impact. There are no balloons so there are no potential wildlife deaths. We also use very efficient servers to run our races to minimise their carbon footprint - in fact the only thing we could more to make the whole system more environmentally friendly is to run the servers on solar power!


The process for each virtual balloon race is very simple. We create a race website on your chosen URL or web address - something similar to myscoutgroup. We will also design an A6 size balloon card for you which will help massively in the selling process. Finally you source some great prizes and decide what price your balloons should sell at. After that it's up to your organisation to sell as many balloons as possible!. Once the virtual balloon race launches everyone can check their balloon's progress on the website. We use real weather information to display your balloon's progress and current position on Google maps. The balloon that travels the furthest from the start point is the winner(s). The winners get their prizes and then we send you your profit from the race.

Why Should You Run One?

First and foremost you have got to want to raise money for your organisation, school or charity. And once having made that decision, then choosing as your fund raising platform of choice is a no brainer! You can make lots of money and not worry about killing any birds or animals because is 100% eco-friendly. There is no latex balloon for the animal, turtle or bird to try and eat - for all real balloons burst or lose gas at some point and come back down to earth

Traditional balloon races used to be very popular but due to pressure from the environmental lobby helium filled rubber balloons are being used less and less. The problem is that all the balloons will at some point pop. And then fall to the ground. The popped balloons maybe an afterthought for you & I but many animals - birds in particular - mistake the rubber for something edible. If an animal tries to swallow a burst balloon it can have serious, sometimes fatal, consequences. So Purepages Group came up with a way to run a balloon race virtually, therefore eliminating the rubber balloons completely.

Example Balloon Card Designs

Please click here to see some of our most recent balloon card designs.

How Much Can We Raise?

We don't like to blow our own trumpet but the system has raised well over £3 million in the last three years. How much your organisation will make from running a virtual balloon race depends basically on how many balloons you sell.


Maximise Sales

To maximise the sales of your balloons you will need to approach the sales period as you would for any other sort of fund-raising activity. That is to ask all your friends and colleagues to sell as many balloon as possible. One thing we've learnt since launching our virtual balloon race system is that the better the prizes, the more likely people are to buy a balloon. Tablet devices seem to be the most popular. Holidays also are a great incentive to get people involved in your virtual balloon race.

Global Launch Choice

One thing each virtual balloon race needs is a launch location. Some schools, charities and hospices have previously picked their own premises as the start location. Other people have picked capital cities such as London, Paris and Rome. But the world really is your oyster. Perhaps the remotest launch point to date has been the South Pole! But you really can pick anywhere in the world.


For added marketing impact sometimes we produce videos - such as the one below.

 Resources & Downloads

Eyton Eco-School PTA ran a race partnering their local hospice. Click here to read or download PDF.

Read how St John's Hospice and Bolton-le-Sands Primary School raised much needed funds. Click here.

We've created a sales pack to maximise your balloon sales. Click here.

We also have an info pack with all your FAQs. Click here.

The last thing we've created is a PR to help you maximise any press coverage you may be able to get in your area. Click here.

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